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Følgende bøger kan købes gennem klubben:

Inner Voyage of a Stranger - Pathways to a New Perception

By Kenjiro Yoshigasaki

Verner Kristkeitz Verlag 2002 - 98 p. Hardcover

Life consists of perception and action. Most people, however, only try to control their actions and do not realize the importance of perception for their lives. Every individual's actions at any given moment in time are determined by the way he or she perceives the world.

This book is meant for all those who really want to understand life.

Born in 1951 in Kagoshima, Japan, the author Kenjirô Yoshigasaki Sensei started to practise yoga when he was ten years old. Later, he began to practise Aikido and many other martial arts. He has also studied Zen Buddhism, new Shintôism, Catholicism and Islam. He devoted a year to the study of yoga in India in 1971 and in 1973 became an instructor of Aikidô. Teaching Ki and Aikidô in Europe since 1977, he is now in charge of more than 120 dôjô and 4,000 students in Europe, South America, and South Africa."

Pris: Kr. 125,-

Unification of Mind and Body and Ki Aikido
(according to the teaching of master Koichi Tohei)

By Guiseppe Ruglioni

Erga edizioni 1997 - 168 p. Paperback

The book is divided into two parts: Practise and Experiences. The first part is dedicated to the practise of Ki (Shin Shin Toitsu Do) and introduces the basis of the concept of human nature of Unity of Mind and Body, through the explanation of the Principles (with a list of all Principles). Through series of simple exercises, it helps to develop the security and ability using relaxation and correct posture, realising the " One Point Centre of the Space". A second chapter is dedicated to the art of Ki Aikido (Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido): the aim of this practise is the harmonisation of the self with the outside world. The second part of the book concerns the author´s experinces during more than 20 years of teaching the principles of "Mind and Body Unification" and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, in many different situations: to the rehabilitation therapists, to handicapped people, musicians, dancers and sportsmen, to cihldren and students in public schools. The book is rich in illustrations, and contain a list of all the principles in Ki and Ki Aikido, a full Taigi list. It also contains an illustrated Ki Taiso and Aiki Taiso sequense.

Guiseppe Ruglioni is an 8.Dan Ki Aikido Instructor and is responsible for the Ki Dojo Association in Florence. He is a highly respected teacher throughout Europe, and is often invited to give seminars in several countries.

Pris: Kr. 125,-